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Spring Creek sixth graders received a special visit from a charity organization called “My Story Matters”. This organization aims to inspire hope and courage among students by providing customized storybooks that promote each student’s own personal triumphs. Yesterday, volunteers from the community and Merit Academy teamed up with My Story Matters to help accomplish this goal.

The process for creating these unique storybooks started by interviewing each student. Questions were asked to gain a better understanding of the students’ personality, hobbies, family, personal goals and achievements. When finished with the interviews, the sixth graders moved onto the photography stations.

At each photography station, students used different props and poses to represent aspects of their lives. For example, one station titled “I Am Loved” required the students to hold a paper cutout of a heart in front of them. At another station called “I Am Strong”, students posed while flexing or doing pushups.

The combination of these descriptive photos and the information taken from the interviews will form the pages of their own storybook. Once edited and refined, “My Story Matters” will deliver the books to the students for them to keep for years to come.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss