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Across our district, students have built the proverbial blocks into towering, pride-worthy, end-of-the-year creations– but it starts with mastery over simple skills, with innate proficiency of your tools. At Spring Creek’s Art Salon and Theater Event, students create complexity with a single page of color and tempera paint.

Classes from Kindergarten to 6th grade displayed their art projects. Families glimpsed into the daily work nourishing these newly-forming artists. To top off the event, students performed Frozen; the Disney show that UVU theater students worked tirelessly to perfect for the event.

Spring Creek Elementary is committed to providing engaging learning opportunities that nurture creativity and talent. This event is a testament to our students’ creativity and hard work, who have spent many hours honing their artistic skills in preparation for this showcase. We’re proud to see our students flourish under the guidance of our dedicated educators.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei