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Last modified: October 28, 2022

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is available to help individuals with many types of disabilities, and in a number of ways.

The use of technology to enhance learning is an effective approach for many individuals. Students often experience greater success when they are allowed to use their abilities (strengths) to work around their disabilities (challenges). Assistive technology tools assist students in both of these practices.

The better informed we are about AT the greater the chances are that our students will experience success in school, at home, in recreation, and eventually, at work. We will help you learn how to choose AT tools that are reliable and how to select technology that is tailored to the student’s individual needs, abilities, and experience.

The purpose of this page is to help Parents and Educators Increase their awareness of Assistive Technology (AT), become more effective in considering AT needs, and then to provide students with the appropriate AT solutions in their academic and functional performance. As part of IDEA Assistive Technology is a Special Factor to be considered for each student with a disability.

Select the link below for more information designed to help parents, educators and IEP team members to understand how AT can help and to be more effective in meeting the needs of students.