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Huddled together, spines flexed, tall and rowed in glossy prints, ready for action—it’s football season and the perfect time for a new book!

As the excitement builds up for the impending Super Bowl showdown, Sora has crafted a winning playbook for young football enthusiasts looking to score big with their reading choices. We’ve curated a few football-themed reads that promise to engage and captivate the imaginations of our budding readers. From tackling societal norms to navigating the strange history of football and the Super Bowl, these books combine the heart-pumping thrill of the gridiron with more complex narratives. So, whether you’re a seasoned fan or a rookie reader, there’s something for everybody.

Here are a few of their first draft picks for the new season. We hope you enjoy!

Touchdown Kid – October 3, 2017 by Tim Green (Author)

In Tim Green’s “Touchdown Kid,” readers embark on a gripping football journey that transcends the boundaries of wealth and privilege. The protagonist, Cory, faces numerous challenges in pursuing his passion for football while navigating a life filled with adversity. The story explores the notion that talent and determination can triumph over societal barriers. As Cory is presented with a chance to showcase his skills on the football field, the narrative unfolds, emphasizing the transformative power of sports and the resilience required to overcome obstacles both on and off the field.

Triple Threat – August 25, 2020 by Mike Lupica (Author)

Mike Lupica’s “Triple Threat” takes a unique angle, addressing gender inequality in football. The protagonist, twelve-year-old Alex, challenges societal norms by joining her middle school’s boys football team. Lupica skillfully weaves a tale of determination and resilience as Alex faces scorn and derision from her male teammates. The novel delves into the transformative impact of breaking gender stereotypes in sports, offering a compelling narrative that combines fast-paced storytelling with heartfelt moments. “Triple Threat” is not just a football story; it’s a powerful exploration of breaking barriers and pursuing one’s passion against all odds.

3. What Is the Super Bowl? (What Was…?) – October 15, 2015 by Dina Anastasio (Author)

Dina Anastasio’s “What Is the Super Bowl?” provides an engaging exploration of one of the most iconic events in American sports culture. The book offers readers an in-depth look at the Super Bowl, going beyond the spectacle to delve into the high-stakes game that determines the NFL championship. Anastasio invites readers to relive memorable moments from past Super Bowls, from exhilarating victories to heart-wrenching fumbles. This informative yet entertaining narrative sheds light on the significance of the Super Bowl, making it an exciting read for football enthusiasts and those curious about the history and excitement surrounding this annual extravaganza.

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