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Recently, Charity Vision and Utah Valley Eye Center teamed up to provide PCSD students with new glasses. Through a program called SightBuddies, Charity Vision partnered with local physicians and donors in Provo to offer their services at no cost to those in need.

Many students struggle to read books or to see what the teacher is writing on the board; and after routine eye exams at each school in the district, a number of these students were found in need of newer glasses or a first pair.

At the beginning of November, these students were transported to Utah Valley Eye Center where volunteers from Charity Vision stood ready to provide a clearer future. On arrival, the students checked in, went through further eye exam testing and got to pick out their own set of glasses. The students had fun trying on different colors and styles until they found a pair that looked just right.

After choosing a pair, the nurses at Utah Valley Eye Center helped fit the glasses perfectly to their face. At the end of the event, many walked out with smiles and better sight.

We are grateful to everyone who helped make this event a success and for giving our students the ability to see clearer.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss