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Your greatest investment is your kids. Keeping Provo safe is a community effort; it’s a shared responsibility.

We know it’s our duty to make schools the safest place possible for your children, but we also need your help.

Below is a list of ways that you can start creating safety, security, and wellbeing for your children or students.

Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Join a Parent Teacher Organization by clicking here, searching for “Provo” in the website search bar, and finding your student’s school.
  • Join one of our district’s six Student Advocacy Committees to support our diverse body of students by attending one hourly, monthly in-person or Zoom meetings.
  • Update Powerschool; Powerschool is how we provide communication and notifications in emergency situations. 
  • Use SafeUT (, our confidential crisis chat and tip line for real-time crisis intervention for families and educators, or call 801-587-8852.
  • Use and refer others to our Social Worker’s Community Resources webpage for information on housing, employment, food, clothing, transportation, and physical needs.
  • Find a safe walking route for your student using Safe Routes Utah’s website by clicking on “Provo” on the left hand side dropdown menu asking for your district, and selecting your student’s school from the right hand side dropdown menu. 
    • The website includes safe routes, safety hazards, stop and yield signs, and drop off locations.
  • Sign up your child for a Bicycle Rodeo to teach bicycle safety by reviewing the Department of Public Safety’s Bicycle Rodeo webpage and contact the Highway Safety Office at  385-272-5687 for more information on conducting a rodeo.
  • Discuss school safety with your children. You can start the conversation using tips in the National Association of School Psychologist’s article, Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers.
  • Get to know your “digital” child and their online behaviors. You can start monitoring your child’s online behaviors using tips from the Safe Search Kids article, 5 Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Online Presence.
  • Ensure institutional and state level safety and equity-related policies, procedures, and programs by offering your feedback or ideas to the Utah System of Higher Education’s Campus Safety & Equity Advisory Council through the online form.
  • Contact your school to join a Safety Council to offer feedback to district employees.
  • Teachers can read four tips on Classroom Safety to ensure best Safety and Security practices in the classroom.
  • Speak with your students or children on reporting suspicious activities and threats to teachers, administrators, staff, or School Resource Officers.
  • Follow Provo City School District on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for access to regularly scheduled content each Wednesday and Friday examining Security and Safety in our schools.

We also invite you to add to our list; if you have thoughts on actionable activities, clubs or volunteering opportunities, or links to resources, email us at 

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei