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“Tierra meets students where they’re at and uses her expertise, patience, and insight to figure out strategies to get them where they need to be,” said Aimee Clyde, nominator and Instructional Assistant working with Provo Way recipient Tierra Wakefield.

“Through my five years at Timpanogos Elementary, Tierra has shown me what kindergartners are fully capable of. She constantly looks for ways to improve her instruction and keep her students engaged throughout the school day.”

The Provo City School District and Board of Education awarded five Provo Way awards last month. The Provo Way Award is an opportunity for the district to celebrate the positive things students, teachers, administrators, parents, and staff do for the community.

This week, we celebrate and congratulate Timpanogos Elementary Teacher Tierra Wakefield for receiving the Provo Way Award. From the outside, it’s easy to assume that teaching gets stagnant once you find your rhythm– Wakefield is proof that the sentiment just isn’t true. Teachers grow like students, and Wakefield constantly accumulates knowledge to ensure a stable yet engaging academic journey. To quote Aimee Clyde once more:

“Rarely does a week go by where she does not mention something new or insightful she came across in her Professional Development. Her classroom is a physical testimony of her calm, safe, organized, creative, and involved disposition. Students know what to expect in her classroom and are excited to learn what each day’s lesson will bring.

“Tierra has shown me what a highly effective teacher looks like, and I strive to meet her in that as her instructional assistant. Mrs. Wakefield, we love you. Thank you for everything you do in our classroom and at Timpanogos Elementary.”

We commend her for receiving the Provo Way Award and express sincere gratitude for her ceaseless commitment to countless pupils year after year.

Thank you, Tierra, and congratulations.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei