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Through the transition into a new school year, we celebrate those that are symbolic of the heart of Provo City School District – people like Nicki Wake, who lead by example and bring joy to those in her orbit.

Nicki Wake, Provo Adult Education’s Coordinator, received the Provo Way award in May 2023. Nicki develops and coordinates policies, programs, and procedures for the daily operation of Adult Education.

She is more conductor than coordinator, keeping all policies, programs, and procedures transitioning smoothly and on time, all while making others around her feel that they can achieve anything.

To quote Adult High’s Office Assistant, Nessa Costa:

“I nominated Nicki because I’ve been with her for five or six years and she’s the best boss I’ve ever had. She’s great here– she’s great with the students, she’s excellent with the staff.

“Every time she’s here, I can get anything done. She knows the answers to everything. She teaches me something new every day.

“I feel comfortable here. I’m never stressed or sad. I love this job. I love being here, and I love her– she deserves this and so much more.”

Thank you so much for all you do for Provo, Nicki. We need people like you in our schools and with our students and staff. You make the impossible possible, build others up to succeed, and make our district a joyful space. We hope to leaven and lighten our coworker’s and student’s burdens like Nicki does daily. Thank you.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei