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To be a good English and ELL Teacher is hard; to be an excellent one requires several skills and a particular personality. 

Like a trail guide, an excellent language teacher works with students before, during, and after each venture to ensure their success. An excellent language teacher often has a craftsman’s sensibility and vitality to create thought-provoking products— in this case, rigorous, differentiated unit/lesson plans that ask students to extend their learning. 

And, most importantly, being an excellent ELL Teacher requires inexhaustible kindness.

Johanna Chausow is one such person. Her commitment to her students, passion for teaching, and her compassion for others earned her the prestigious Provo Way and Evening of Excellence Award.

To firstly quote her Evening of Excellence nomination letter:

Johanna works daily to provide her 9th, 11th, and ELL Language Arts students with engaging, rigorous, and empowering learning opportunities. She is constantly working with students before, during, and after class to provide them with the support they need. 

Johanna strives to improve professionally daily. She works hard to develop relationships with her colleagues to collaborate to help build her skills and, in turn, create the best opportunities for her students through rigorous and thought-provoking unit/ lesson plans. It is clear from how they engage with her that she has created a safe and welcoming environment for them. 

Recently, Johanna has provided our ELL students with a supportive Language Arts class which has allowed many students to feel empowered by a subject they previously struggled with. She advocates for the students and teachers of Timpview, and we are lucky to work with and learn from Johanna Chausow.

Chausow is an outstanding teacher with qualities all educators strive for: she’s dedicated to her students and committed to their success. Her ability to build strong relationships with them is a testament to her effectiveness as an educator. 

Her example and ability to positively influence others affect more than her students– it affects her peers. To quote her Provo Way nominee, Rebekah Crawley:

I nominated you because I wanted to make sure you got the recognition you deserve. I’m so grateful to have you as a teammate and a friend– my best friend! You’re wonderful to work with. I always aspire to be like you and build the relationships that you have with your kids. 

I think you’re great, and I love ya!

Chausow’s commitment to professional growth is another attribute that sets her apart as an educator. She has pursued additional education to support her ELL students better, and she collaborates with her colleagues to build rigorous and thought-provoking lesson plans.

Chausow’s impact on her students, colleagues, and community is immeasurable; she embodies the spirit of excellence in teaching and the Provo Way.

As the saying goes, “Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions.” Johanna Chausow is a shining example of this; we are lucky to have her as a teacher and a role model for the next generation of educators. 

Congratulations, Johanna, on this well-deserved recognition.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei