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Anyone who’s ever walked the halls of Amelia Earhart Elementary can testify to Tina Mecham’s kindness, patience, and unwavering care for our students. She knows several generations of students on a first-name basis, manages the day-to-day chaos that is school paperwork, and is a cultural beacon for Amelia Earhart, lighting the way with her daily acts of goodwill.

On these fronts and many others, we are proud to celebrate and congratulate Amelia Earhart’s Head Secretary, Tina Mecham, with the Provo Way Award.

Her initial nomination came from Maria Hudson, Amelia Earhart’s Social Worker. 

“I nominated Tina has been an incredible help. This year is my first year at Amelia, and Tina is always here to advise me on how I can better help students. She is the glue that holds Amelia Earhart together.”

During her award, Ryan McCarty stepped forward to attest to Tina’s ability to create a positive culture schoolwide.

“Tina is Amelia Earhart. She’s the face that greets everyone. Tina sets the tone and culture of our school. We are so grateful for everything she does. Thank you so much.”

Congratulations on the award, Tina, and thank you for making Amelia Earhart a warm and cheerful school.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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