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It can be hard to extend oneself beyond the calling of your work, share of yourself, empathize, and lift others around you. That is why Raquel Macias Del Valle, the Para Professional at Provo Peaks, is so special: she lightens the paths of teachers and parents, leads the youth through empathetic and differentiated teachings, and shares in the achievements of her school and community.

Nominated by both Mark Burge, Provo Peaks Principal, and Dallas Brooks, Title I Coordinator, Raquel’s joint nomination demonstrates how wide-reaching her effect is on Provo Peaks. To quote Brooks:

“We nominated Raquel for this award because she magnifies her role. She works with multilingual students here, has a linguistics degree, and knows multiple languages herself. She can relate to the kids and understand what they’re going through while trying to learn a new language.

“She’s super passionate about what she does. She even works on training with some of our faculty members. She goes into their classrooms to help with push-ins and pull-outs. Raquel’s even started a parent class here where parents can learn some English, too.

“We’re really grateful for Raquel. She is amazing.”

She is every inch a teacher: whether it is for staff, students, or even parents, she shares knowledge to lift others– and has continued to do so since day one, earning accolades many times over in our district. To quote the Evening of Excellence from last May:

“Raquel wants to improve the lives of students and parents at Provo Peaks. She takes time with her kids to get to know them and what’s going on in their lives. When Provo Peaks gets new students who only speak Spanish, Raquel works with them to tell them all about our school. She builds positive relationships with them so they feel comfortable in a new place. The ELL students have thrived under her, learning not only English but also social skills, emotional regulation, how to function in a school environment, and love learning.

“Raquel works closely with our Title I coordinator to gather ideas and improve her instruction. She is always looking for new and improved teaching methods, researching to find the best practices, and is willing to have additional training. We are delighted that she is part of our faculty because she is genuinely interested in what is best for students.”

Or, to quote her nomination from her ESP of the Year Award:

“Raquel truly cares about the students and is passionate about their development, both with their language and their social skills. Raquel takes extra time to provide training to teachers and instructional assistants. She has initiated a new parent class to help parents engage in learning English and working with their student’s teachers. Raquel is phenomenal to work with, and we’re truly lucky to have her at Provo Peaks.”

Thank you, Raquel, for giving so much. Provo Peaks is lucky to have you, and we’re grateful for your presence.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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