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The Provo City School District and Board of Education awarded five Provo Way awards in August. 

The Provo Way award is an opportunity for the district to celebrate the positive things students, teachers, administrators, parents, and staff do for the community.

This week, we’d like to celebrate and congratulate Head Counselor Nate Warner for his longstanding dedication to meeting students’ needs. Nate warner excels as a counselor, coach, and steward over some of Timpview’s most essential programs.

The nomination comes from Principal Momi Tu’ua, who considers Nate Warner symbolic of the Timpview High School spirit. Here’s her full nomination letter:

On any given school day, Nate Warner is one of the first faculty on site ready for work – many times even before 7 am. As an educator for over thirty-one years exclusive to Provo City School District, Nate always has strived for ways he can improve his practice early on as a social studies teacher and for the past twenty-plus years as a school counselor. Currently, Nate serves as Timpview’s and PCSD’s counseling chair, having opportunities to provide Provo families’ perspectives and needs at multiple levels, including the state level at USBE. 

Mr. Warner dedicates much of his time to serving English Learners transitioning to a new country and school while learning a new language. His support continues throughout the school year, helping one of our most vulnerable populations assess their school experience and find ways to increase opportunities for learning and growth like their peers. 

Many also know Mr. Warner as “Coach Warner” as he has coached hundreds of students in multiple sports, from basketball, football, tennis, and soccer to name a few. As a seasoned teacher, he is also successful as a coach by identifying a skill, teaching it, evaluating its effectiveness, and self-reflecting to adjust his instruction aiming for an improved outcome. 

Mr. Warner dedicates much of his hours outside of school time, coordinating the demands of AP testing that has only increased from year to year with the inclusion of three Dual Language Immersion Programs and the AVID Program that helps students become AP-ready. In 2021-2022, 719 students took 1192 AP exams which yielded a 72% student passing rate. The arduous task of coordinating test training, confirming test locations, and registering each and every student shows his continued dedication from year to year. 

I enthusiastically nominate Mr. Nate Warner as a recipient of the Provo Way.

Thank you, and congratulations, Nate Warner.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei