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“Kim has been a wonderful success coach,” said Leilani Nautu, Provo Peaks Facilitator and Kim Gishi’s nominator. Kim Gishi, Provo Peak Elementary Success Coach, received the Provo Way Award last month through Leilani’s nomination.

The Provo City School District and Board of Education awards monthly Provo Way awards as an opportunity to celebrate the positive things students, teachers, administrators, parents, and staff do for the community.

This week, we congratulate Kim for receiving the Provo Way Award. Great success coaches balance the tightrope walk that provides encouragement and accountability for youth. They’re action-oriented motivators who know how to build others up, which goes for building up teachers, too. Kim is a success coach who uplifts others everywhere she goes in fun and unique ways. You’re in luck as either a teacher or a student if you know Kim, from the sound of Nautu’s nomination:

“Not only does Kim care about the kiddos and developing relationships with them, but she also takes care of us teachers. She does scavenger hunts, cereal breaks—all kinds of fun things, and we’re lucky to have her.”

Thank you, Kim, and congratulations.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei