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Great English Language Learning Instructors often have different capabilities to tackle the position’s challenges. Many have excellent interpersonal communication skills, using cultural awareness in meaningful, differentiated lessons. Several ELL Instructors practice equitable, effectual classroom management techniques to keep students moving forward academically. Good ELL Instructors are often highly empathetic people that maintain high expectations for growth. 

Rock Canyon’s English Language Learning Instructor, Emily Ludlow, embodies all the qualities. She is a model ELL Instructor for our District and an irreplaceable asset to Rock Canyon. We are proud to celebrate and congratulate Emily Ludlow on these fronts and many others with the Provo Way Award.

Her initial nomination came from Joshua Smith, a Behavior Specialist at Rock Canyon. 

“I’m nominating Emily Ludlow for going above and beyond to educate young students. I’m a witness to our great ability as an instructor as she instructs students while working with students learning the English Language and students with academic or reading struggles. 

“Mrs. Ludlow creates a safe, encouraging, uplifting, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all students who enter her office. Emily is a fierce advocate for students with special needs or students with disabilities. She truly wants to see all students succeed while on her watch. 

“Emily has high expectations for her students and instills discipline factors that create a positive learning environment. Overall, every single student who walks through her doors responds to her and respects her.

“She has a positive attitude and impacts students for the better here at Rock Canyon. She’s motivated and dedicated. Emily deserves the Provo Way award for her outstanding work as an ELL Instructor.”

Thank you, Emily Ludlow, for your outstanding work, and congratulations.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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