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In some ways, good teachers are far-seeing and oracular; they work patiently in their field, envisioning what their students will become.

That is one reason Provo High School Teacher Deanna Coates is so special: as a teacher, she believes in you. She knows that you will become more than you are now.

Deanna was nominated by one of Provo High School’s parents, called a significant contributor in closing the gap for her child and so many others. They remarked on her authenticity in helping each child reach their full potential– as did Suraj Syal, our Special Education Director, who had this to say when presenting Deanne with her award:

“You see these kids as what they can become, not just how they are at that moment. We see the daily effort you put in for all the students you serve. Thank you so, so much.”

Thank you, Deanne, for your work, and congratulations on the Provo Way Award.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei