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As a student, it’s easy to lose your rhythm when you’re in the swing of school life; navigating your way through adolescence is complicated. 

Luckily, the students at Dixon Middle School have an excellent Band Teacher to direct their efforts, making space and giving a voice to every student she comes in contact with.

The Provo Way award rewards individuals who exemplify the district’s core values of excellence, integrity, and respect and who go above and beyond for serving their students, colleagues, and community. Giblon’s dedication to her students and passion for music education is evident in everything she does, making her a well-deserving recipient of this honor.

Giblon has taught at Dixon Middle School for over 14 years and has tremendously impacted the school’s music program. She is known for her infectious enthusiasm and ability to inspire her students to strive for excellence. Under her tutelage, the Dixon Middle School band students have succeeded in high school and beyond.

Giblon’s nomination comes from Dixon Middle School’s Drama and Ballroom Teacher, Nicole Marriott. To quote:

“I nominated Christy for so many reasons. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit her classroom, and I saw such great teaching techniques. They are techniques we’ve been working on implementing together as a school, and that impressed me.”

“I’ve also observed how much she cares for her students. She differentiates to include kids you wouldn’t expect to fit in at first glance, and those students are all doing fantastic jobs in her class.”

“I’ve worked with her in the past fourteen years– even spending some time in her PLC– and I know how hard she works to help her students achieve, her high expectations for her students, and how those students reach those expectations.”

Thank you, Christy, for your fantastic work; we can’t wait to hear what you and your band students do next.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei