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An old adage says that good character, when established, is a firm foundation for an enduring reputation– and there are few upstanding characters as Christian Hernandez. His reputation precedes him; students adore him, and staff laud his unwavering grace.

For example, Christian’s class erupted with applause when the Celebrations Committee announced his award, pointed out by his nominator, Provo High English Teacher Rachel Cutler, during her nomination:

“I nominated Christian for the award. It’s obvious from how his students look at him, talk about him, and respond when he gets awarded a prize that he is so loved.”

Jenni Thurston, Provo High School’s Assistant Principal, commended Christian for engaging his students during her nomination. He’s the sort to roll his sleeves up and shoulders heavy tasks– all with a smile.

“Not only is he an extremely hard worker, but he’s a lot of fun. Every program he’s been involved in has flourished over the years. We’re grateful he’s here at Provo High with us.”

Anyone who’s reached out for help (author of this article included) can testify to his enduring patience. Christian is a caring teacher who goes the extra mile– not as a sentimental platitude or cliche, but as a way of being. Watch the video above featuring a pic of him as social proof of his willingness to dive deep and engage. Seriously.

Thank you, Christian, for giving so much, and congratulations.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei