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All families who’ve passed through Wasatch Elementary know that the Wasatch library is a remarkable place for extending learning, acting as a space for all to build class and school culture.  Angie Judd, Wasatch Elementary’s Library Assistant, is at the heart of that space. Angie Judd is renowned school and districtwide for the support she offers students and staff.

We proudly celebrate and congratulate Angie Judd with the Provo Way Award.

Her initial nomination came from Deborah Pope. She attested to Angie’s ability to make students feel at home at their library.

“I love visiting the library and watching the children gather around Angie to discuss their day with her. She is always ready to listen. The library is a safe, wonderful place here at Wasatch because of Angie.”

Christine Durst, our District’s Media Coordinator, who supports and works alongside all of our district’s Librarians, also shared some kind words about Angie.

“We love Angie. She is amazing. Angie is a key component in what makes this library a success. We just love having her here.”

Principal Chris Fuhriman closed her award, sharing how grateful he was for her help in making the library a center for learning at Wasatch.

“You’re such an important part of the library crew here at Wasatch, and we’re so glad to have you here.”

Congratulations on the award, Angie, and thank you for bringing warmth and knowledge to the space of  Wasatch Elementary.

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Spencer Tuinei
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  • Spencer Tuinei