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The Provo Way award rewards individuals who exemplify the district’s core values of excellence, integrity, and respect and who go above and beyond for serving their students, colleagues, and community. Natalya Cordero is exemplary of the Provo Way values, demonstrating a keen ability to identify students’ cognitive areas and educating parents and teachers alike on the most current methods of instruction. 

Provo Peaks’ Special Education Teacher, Erin Farnes, spells out exactly how valuable Cordero is in her nomination:

“Natalia works very hard with and the teachers she works with receive an equitable education. She’s passionate about finding student strengths, understanding their cognitive areas, and educating teachers and parents about them. She helps ensure that their education is delivered most appropriately for the student so educators can use their limited time very wisely.

“Natalya is a great colleague who works hard, is passionate, and keeps up with current research findings. She’s constantly referencing a book, article, or podcast addressing current issues.

“The district is very lucky to have Natalya, and we are very lucky to have her at Provo Peaks.”

We agree; thank you for your service and for making Provo Peaks and our district an equitable space for growth.

Alexander Glaves
  • Social Media/Marketing Specialist
  • Alexander Glaves