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Christine Durst leaves a mark on every person and project she touches; she brings people together, pulls impossible undertakings out of thin air and into fruition, and makes you feel seen. 

For this and many tasks, undertakings, and kindnesses, we’d like to celebrate and congratulate our District’s Library Media Coordinator, Christine Durst, with the Provo Way Award.

Christine has worked for Provo City School District for over 34 years. For eight of those years, she worked as Canyon Crest’s Librarian, sharing the joy and wonder of reading with every student who visited her library. Through various programs, lesson plans, and events under her care, Christine ensured Canyon Crest students felt seen and saw ample opportunities to learn and grow. She’s since become District Library Media Coordinator.

This is her ninth year as the Media Coordinator, now using her librarian know-how to aid departments, schools, and librarians invariably with time-tested patience. 

She is the district core in which many literacy programs orbit and involve. Christine Durst also manages the ProvoREADS initiative, an initiative that, to quote their mission statement, “brings people together reading common books, increases their desire to read and helps students discover the pure joy that comes from reading.”

She’s carried off several projects and events through ProvoREADS with her librarians. The most recent and notable event was Author Con, an event that invited families districtwide to speak and learn from local authors, create journals and other writing tools, and buy their favorite authors’ books. 

After announcing Author Con, several surrounding districts in our state followed suit, launching their own Author Cons. It is our district’s most successful reading-related event to date, bringing more than a thousand guests.

After her many years of kindness, thirteen of our district’s Librarians wrote nominations for Christine. 

Provost Elementary’s Elementary’s Librarian, Kristi Kirkland, offered to share her nomination:

I began working as the librarian at Provost Elementary about eleven years ago. When I started, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work left on the table.

There were no lesson plans, thousands of books required weeding, and several programs needed implementation.

As soon as Christine heard about my struggles, she offered to help. She supplied lesson plan materials, weeded out books, and tutored me to manage all my tasks in my allotted time.

Honestly, I might have quit years ago if it weren’t for her help and encouragement. Even after all those years, she still stops by to see how I’m doing, bringing a treat or pick-me-up. 

That’s just how Christine is– she wants those around her to know that she cares about them.

Recently she planned and executed an enormous event called Author Con. She did everything from calling authors and publishing companies to prepping materials for thousands of students to make book crafts. She did it with a positive attitude.

She honestly cares about each student. Not once do I remember hearing her complain and grumble about the time and work she put into the event. Then, when authors backed out, or obstacles arose, she stayed cheerful and optimistic. I believe it was because she genuinely wanted to do something special for our kids.

This, and for so many other reasons, is why I nominated Christine Durst for the Provo Way Award.

Congratulations, Christine, and for the many days you’ve brightened and the students, staff, and friends you’ve supported, thank you.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei