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Students at Provo Peaks Elementary are innovating the way they learn math by using an online learning program called IXL.

IXL is a learning website that utilizes quizzes to help students with math, science and language arts. This program encourages students to become excited about learning, while having an individualized experience. IXL is passionate about being immersive and creating an adaptive learning environment. This website has K-12 comprehensive curriculum and is accessible to all students with their personal account.

IXL exercises produce several multiple-choice questions about the subject chosen. As students answer each question they are able to see their score fluctuate depending on their answer. This helps students be accountable for their grade, and see their progress. Of course, the instructor is able to see the scores as well; this helps teachers know the individual progress of each student, and the progress of the class as a whole.

As Mrs. Peterson’s second grade class learns about measurements, they are able to utilize IXL, work on assignments online and take control of their learning. This program is accessible at home and at school. “If students are struggling in a certain subject we are able to assign extra exercises for them to do at home. There is a help button so if they have questions at home, they are not stuck,” said Mrs. Peterson.

IXL has helped students and teachers alike move forward in the learning initiative. With its immediate feedback, challenging courses and assistance options, IXL is a new and innovative way for students of all ages to learn.

Paige Simpson
  • Paige Simpson