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When is the last time you tried to do four things at once? The students of Provo Peaks will tell you they perform this balancing act every week in their orchestra class.

“Playing an instrument is important because it requires the mind and body to work together,” said Provo Peaks Orchestra instructor Mrs. Stokes. “In Orchestra, left hands are fingering notes while the right hand is trying to bow a rhythm. At the same time, they are balancing an instrument and reading music. One skill by itself is difficult [let alone four]!”

In conjunction to synching these tasks, these musicians also listen to each other and adjust their individual volume so they can deliver a cohesive musical piece. Taking that into account, that brings these students’ multi-tasking count to five!

“It is fun to watch the growth of these students,” Stokes said with a grin. “Many of them begin the year frustrated and at the end of the year, they wonder what was so hard about it. The most important thing they learn is that they can do hard things and can succeed at anything if they put in the effort.”

It is no surprise that music is a great outlet and for many of these students, it is a chance for them to create and interpret. With music, the rules are more like standards, but the rules can be changed to construct a modern improv that conveys the emotion of the artist. Whether they are plucking violin strings in a bright and staccato fashion or bowing a longing-like, low-pitched bass, these students are able to convey concepts and feelings without words.

Our students have so much musical talent and we are proud of them and their musical accomplishments. Make sure to view your school’s calendar for upcoming performances and events! You won’t want to miss out.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger