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On Wednesday, hundreds of Provo City School District students entered the Provo Library dressed in matching t-shirts that read “Mission Kindness”. Students selected from each school’s kindness club gathered for an entire day to focus on their mission to find ways to inspire and spread kindness.

The Kindness Retreat kicked off with keynote speaker, Rob Ferre, who spoke about creating a kindness movement that others will follow. Ferre explained that many of the memes, hashtags and popular dance moves the kids are familiar with started with just one or a few people who decided to initiate something. He stated that kindness is a movement that can start to spread with the actions of just one person.

Feeling encouraged and motivated, the students then broke off into groups and participated in workshops to learn how to act as kindness leaders and inspire movements in their own schools. They also prepared skits and did many team-building exercises to create unity. At the end of the day, the students shared their ideas on how to create a kindness plan for their own school with their principals and advisors.

Many of the students realized they could inspire kindness through beginning with their own circle of influence. We are so grateful for those who helped make this event a success and hope to see everyone on a mission for kindness.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss