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The new school year is here and teachers at Provo High are getting back in the groove – both metaphorically and literally speaking.

Before the school year began, these teachers worked together to create a music video to help get their students excited about the new school year. The video features many Provo High teachers dancing and lip syncing to the song “The Verge” by Owl City. Throughout the video you can see teachers lip syncing while using pom-poms, doing cartwheels, wearing bright green wigs, waving around feathered boas and even doing a big dance number towards the end.

The majority of teachers participated and it proved to be a great success. As students came into the new building on the first day of school, they were greeted by this video playing in the commons. This turned out to be a fun way to welcome students into their new school and let them see a side of their teacher that they may not have seen before.

Great job to all Provo High faculty and staff involved in making this happen- it is sure to be a fond memory for many for years to come.

Watch the Provo High School Faculty Lip Dub on YouTube.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger