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You might be surprised to hear that our students are time travelers, space explorers, team leaders, and problem solvers– but that’s exactly who they are during their time in the Infini-D Learning program. 

The Infini-D Learning program, an innovative educational initiative, offers simulated space missions to reinforce math and science principles learned by students. In these immersive video games, students work collaboratively in groups, assuming different social roles, to achieve the highest score and complete their missions. This interactive learning approach fosters teamwork and provides valuable data for teachers to track individual progress and customize future lessons.

The Provo School District proudly announces the exceptional accomplishments of its students and educators, who have harnessed the power of Infini-D to tailor learning, build independence, leadership, and teamwork, engage students, and prepare them for the future.

The Provo School District is proud of its students participating in the 2023 Infini-D League. Fifty-seven classes from Provo competed for the grand prize, showcasing the district’s commitment to embracing innovative learning approaches. With 1,028 students participating, the Provo School District proved its dedication to developing transformative educational experiences.

Among the notable achievements, Provo Peaks Elementary’s 4th-grade class, under the guidance of their teacher Heather Peterson, claimed the top spot in the 4-9th competition, surpassing 344 classes nationwide.

Provo Peak Elementary’s 3rd-grade class, led by Taleese Rogers, also secured the impressive 6th spot in the K-3rd competition out of 254 classes nationwide. 

Every class from the Provo City School District participating in the competition demonstrated growth throughout the year, and each student has shown tremendous progress and dedication.

Infini-D Learning epitomizes our district’s forward-thinking ethos, recognizing each student’s uniqueness and untapped potential and utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching techniques to deliver personalized education. Through innovative initiatives and programs like Infini-D Learning, the Provo City School District continues to shape the future by nurturing bright, compassionate leaders to shape our society for years to come. We might see these students leading real space expeditions!

We thank our many administrators and educators who have guided and inspired our students on their learning journeys this previous year.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei