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Coaches looked on approvingly; parents proudly clapped children on the back; cameras flashed; officious letters of intent on the ready. 

It’s Signing Day– but not your typical star athlete signing day. Instead, Provo City School District honors students from Provo High and Timpview High’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs signing with employers.

Inspired by the tradition of athletic signing-day ceremonies, these special events aimed to recognize students entering technical or agricultural fields and celebrate the dignity of their chosen careers. While student-athletes often sign letters of intent to compete in sports, the Provo City teens participating in Signing Day were dedicating themselves to future endeavors in various companies, businesses, and colleges. This event is a testament to the hard work and career preparation training provided by Provo City School District schools.

The graduating seniors from our CTE programs are driven, dedicated and have made the most of their high school opportunities while keeping an eye on their future success. We are immensely proud of every one of them. We wish them the utmost success as they continue their training and education.

Let’s take a closer look at the students who participated in Career Signing Day and the businesses they have chosen to embark on their professional journeys:

Timpview High School Career Signing Day Students and Signing Businesses:

1. Robert Vivian: Works at Computune with bosses Craig and Cory Boorman. Robert’s journey was supported by Mr. Hassel and Mr. Robertson, who taught him a range of CTE classes, including ASE Electrical Electronics, Welding, ASE Engine Performance, ASE Steering & Suspension, Woods 1&2, CTE Internship, Engineering Principles 1&2, ASE Brakes, Intro to Automotive, and Small Engine Repair.

2. Kaoru Collings: Works at McDonald’s under the guidance of boss Amber Ostler. Virginia Nicholson played a significant role in Kaoru’s journey. She completed CTE classes such as Child Development, Computer Science Principles, and Foods and Nutrition.

3. Taylor Penrod: Employed at Barber Welding, with Kent and Carrie Barber as her bosses. Daniel Robertson supported Taylor throughout her journey. She completed CTE classes like Business Office Specialist, Mountainland Technical College Welding Tech, Thermal Cutting, Welding Tech Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

4. Lila Russ: Works at IHC Central Processing, with Patricia Walker as her boss. Lila found guidance from Denise Abbott during her journey. Her CTE classes included Medical Anatomy & Physiology, CTE Internship, Medical Assisting, and Culinary Arts.

5. Lirhiel Masbernat: Employed at W2 Design Group under the guidance of Shane Williams. Lirhiel completed various CTE classes, including Accounting, CTE Internship, Engineering Principles 1&2, Welding 1, Woods 1&2, Business Management, Interior Design 1&2, and CAD Architectural Design. Jennifer Bjornstad played an influential role as a teacher.

6. Alex Bertasso: Works at Nico’s Pizza under the mentorship of Michael Bertasso. Karrey Bertasso was an influential teacher in his journey. Alex completed CTE classes such as CTE Internship, Foods and Nutrition, and Business Office Specialist.

7. James Smith: Employed at Moffat Construction, with Greg Moffat as his boss. Karrey Bertasso played a significant role as James’s teacher. He completed CTE classes such as ASE Brakes, CTE Internship, Intro to Automotive, Welding Tech Entry, and Intermediate.

8. Christopher Clark: Interning at Mapleton Fire Department with Captain Bob Evans is his boss. Denise Abbott has been instrumental in Christopher’s journey. He took various CTE classes, including CTE Internship, Medical Assisting, Emergency Medical Technician, Woods 1&2, Medical Anatomy and Physiology, Computer Programming, Law Enforcement, Business Office Specialist, Welding Tech Entry, Intermediate, and Advanced. Additionally, he served as a teacher’s assistant for welding classes.

Provo High School Career Signing Day Students and Signing Pathways:

1. Anna Cannegieter: Pursuing Culinary Arts with experience in Prostart for two years and completing Foods 1 & 2.

2. Kaylee Snyder: Enthusiastically pursuing Culinary Arts, completing Foods 1 & 2 and two years of Prostart experience.

3. Duncan Nemelka: Embarking on a journey to start his own business, with previous involvement in BOS, Web Development, Graphic Arts, CE Business Management, Marketing, Economics, Business Law, and CAPS. Duncan also received the Invest Nest Winner award of $10,000.

4. William Westerberg: Interned at PCSD Tech, gaining practical experience in Computer Science Principles, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Computer Programming 1 & 2, and completing a two-year CTE Internship.

5. Bradan Baker: Taking a path of service by signing up with the National Guard.

6. Jayden Anderson-Powers: Committed to serving in the Marine Corps.

Career Signing Day reminds us to recognize all forms of accomplishment and the incredible potential within our CTE programs. The Provo City School District is immensely proud of these students and their dedication to their chosen careers. Congratulations to all the students who participated, and may they continue to thrive in their future endeavors.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei