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Earlier this month, Provo City School District held the Kindness Club retreat, inviting all Provo City School District Kindness Clubs to examine how to spread Kindness in their schools. The staff split the Kindness Retreats into secondary and elementary school retreats, with different activities tailored to their ages and school needs.

Students enjoyed dances from Provo High School and BYU before breaking into small groups to build camaraderie in team-building activities, discuss the values of the Kindness Club, and explore how they can spread kindness in their schools at large and peer-to-peer.

Kindness Clubs are culture-makers. They help students recognize others and make people feel seen. Retreats like this are a necessary reminder that inclusion is an active process that can take root anywhere: in clubs, classrooms, and at home. When the cultural zeitgeist holds empathy as outdated or naive, it’s nice to know that students are dedicated to spreading kindness.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei