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Provo CAPS hosted its Project Pitch Day last week, in which students received pitches for real business owners and professionals to tackle as their primary project for the upcoming semester.

The projects fell into one of the four CAPS strands: digital design & software development, business, marketing & entrepreneurship, engineering & industrial design, and medicine & health science.

Professionals from all walks of life came to make their case for a project. Yet, each project fell below the four CAPS strands– from developing a data-driven marketing campaign for a start-up SaaS company (falling under the marketing and entrepreneurship strand, for example) to designing multi-house architecture (sitting below engineering and industrial design), students had their share of projects to choose from according to their interest.

The Provo CAPS Project Pitch Day is worth celebrating; students stand at the precipice of their futures, facing branching pathways, each leading them towards their potential future. It’s the day they step out of the comfort of theory and into practice, joining the ranks of Provo CAPS students who grow into problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and Provo’s burgeoning leaders on the fly– and it all starts here.

A huge thank you to the following businesses and affiliates for working with our Provo CAPS students:

  • Peak U 
  • CW Construction
  • Nu Dawn
  • Provo Community Church
  • Provo City
  • Thread
  • Graduly
  • Provo CTE
  • Provo Bicycle Collective
  • NuSkin HR
  • HandWritt
  • Michael Persson
  • Pontis Architectural Group
  • Now I can Foundation
  • Hall Labs
  • Clyde Companies
  • Skillco
  • Provo CAPS
  • Invest Nest
Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei