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Jan Jardine is, to quote the recommendation of Ann Decker, a Work-Based Learning Coordinator at Provo City School District, “one of those people you want to know. If you have a project that needs to be completed or an idea that needs to be developed, Jan is the person you go to for help.”

Jan Jardine scaffolds more than student learning; she builds bridges with local business partners for professional experiences, directs students towards a critical thinking and real-world problem-solving mindset, and houses a center for growth and opportunity in Provo CAPS. Everyone that knows Jan Jardine knows the depths she will go to ensure student growth; she ensures student success– which is precisely why she’s earned the Lifetime Achievement Award during Utah’s Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Conference.  

The ACTE Excellence Awards recognize “individuals who make extraordinary contributions to CTE, programs exemplifying the highest standards, and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand CTE programs. Award winners serve as inspirational leaders to ACTE: they embody the core values of helping their students and being committed to CTE.”

More specifically, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes CTE professionals for their leadership, innovations in CTE, and contributions to the field over an extended period. No one is more deserving than Jan for this award. 

During Jan’s time as a Business and Marketing Educator at Timpview High School from 2001 to 2014, Jan taught countless students Accounting, Marketing, Business Communications, Computer Technology, Economics, and Desktop Publishing, eventually serving as the Event Series Director for DECA IDCC for eight years during that time. After teaching, she worked as the Work-based Learning Coordinator, coordinating and placing students for internships, starting the pathway for lifelong learners and workers for nearly a decade. 

Jan is now the Provo Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Director, “an innovative high school program in which students are fully immersed in a professional culture, solve real-world problems, and use industry-standard tools while being mentored by actual employers.” Jan connects local businesses and their projects to students, lining up project timelines and adequate training for students and CAPS instructors to learn. She knocks down barriers for work-based learning; Jan juggles transportation, class prerequisites, promotion, and the student workspace at Nuskin’s Force for Good Learning Center. Anyone working with Jan can attest to her ability to drive student learning; there’s no option but success with Jan. 

“Jan has a way of setting high expectations for students and helping them see how to achieve that expectation,” says Tory Norman, Provo High Business Educator, and Provo CAPS Instructor. “And, should they miss the expected goal the first time, Jan knows how to coach students towards a new goal so that the student learns from their initial failure.”

“The program overall– and this is Jan’s doing– is that students receive real-world skills. But the greatest skill students take away from this is how to meet professional expectations and grow to meet them.”

The program, as Tory says, offers some incredible opportunities for professional learning and industry tool usage. But, more importantly, students learn how to grow and rise to each occasion, using each loss to recast themselves as stronger, durable individuals. It’s an accomplishment worthy of praise.

Thank you, Jan, for all you do for our students, families, educators, and business partners, and congratulations on a well-earned achievement.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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