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One couldn’t help but feel impressed with these students recounting their products and projects — they seemed in their element. Most readers might think of their high school years, slinking from class to class in an uninspired spiral to pass the time and inevitably graduate. It was surprising to hear students share deep knowledge on their topics; our youth spoke like adults.

But it shouldn’t come as a surprise– they are, in many ways, working-class people. They’re developing products; they meet timelines; they’re stumbling, and they’re growing. These students inspire; they’re living fully. 

This week, Provo City School District hosted its CTE Business Partners Appreciation Luncheon, inviting all mentors, project managers, teachers, and related affiliates with Provo CAPS and CTE Internships to eat a catered lunch and hear the experiences of our students.

Interns and Provo CAPS program students shared their journeys, discussing lessons learned, favorite moments and memories.

“I’ve learned many things, like videography, content writing, social media management, and marketing,” shared Sanjay, the Provo City School District Communications Specialist. 

“Thanks to them, I’ve published three stories on the district website.” 

Other students spoke about the return on investment each program offered them post-graduation. To quote Provo CAPS student Duncan:

“It was great to connect and network through my program. I worked with the marketing director and CEO at J-Dawgs alongside like-minded students. You can’t beat that.”

Duncan won the Provo CAPS-hosted Invest Nest project, a student competition offering 10,000 dollars to the district’s entrepreneurs for their business ideas. He’s investing those 10,000 dollars in a student-marketed online work board– expect to see his name around town in the next ten years.

For a luncheon celebrating our Business Partners, our students were the stars, reminding attendees of the value in Internships and Provo CAPS programs; investing in students is an investment in our collective future. 

For students interested in an internship or Provo CAPS partnership is more than an opportunity to complete authentic projects using industry standards and tools– although they offer that in spades. It’s a life experience. To quote our intern and speaker Sanjay once more:

“My time as an intern at Provo City School District was an amazing opportunity that I will always cherish.”

We are so grateful for the many business partners, mentors, teachers, and community allies that create these learning opportunities.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei