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“The day-to-day practice of dance is a vehicle for expression and acceptance for students,” said Provo High dance teacher Jocelyn Smith. “Their creativity, thoughtfulness, and growth inspire me. Students are able to express themselves through dance when words can’t quite describe their feelings, thoughts and opinions. I’ve seen students go through tragic family situations and use their time in class as therapy to process those events.”

When asked about the impact dance had on her students Smith said, “Art has been an important part of the students’ lives and because of this impact, the students want to help and give back!” After months of preparation, the students executed a charity concert for the “Art with Heart” Foundation (a charity that helps kids who have suffered traumatic experiences learn how to process their emotions through art).

“The turn out for our concert was great!” said Smith. “Provo School of the Arts, Christina’s Corner Dance, Intensity Dance and Timpview High School partnered with us to perform an exceptional concert. It is rewarding to see students who have never danced, or are scared to be in front of people, build the confidence and skills to be on stage in a concert. For many of them, they have been able to see a future in dance education as well as performing in college.”

“Throughout my years of teaching, I’ve learned that students have powerful voices that need to be heard,” stated Smith. “They never cease to amaze me with their many talents.”

A big congratulations to Provo High, Timpview High and the other dance companies for executing a great performance! It brings us joy to see our students give back.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger