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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy No. 3421 Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting

The Provo City School District supports taking early protective measures in cases where child abuse or neglect has been alleged. As such, procedures have been set forth for identifying and referring suspected cases of abuse, as well as clarifying the role of school employees in reporting and participating in the investigation of suspected abuse pursuant to Utah State Code. It is the policy of the District that school officials cooperate and coordinate appropriately with social service and law enforcement agencies in investigating cases of reported abuse.

The Board directs the Superintendent to develop procedures which ensure that cases of abuse will be identified, reported to the proper authorities, and investigated in the appropriate manner.

Legal References

Utah Code R277-401

Child abuse-neglect reporting by education personnel

Utah Code 78A-6-105(2, 28)

Juvenile Court Act- General Provisions- Definitions

Utah Code 53E-3-401

Powers of State Board of Education- Adoption of rulesEnforcement- Attorney 

Utah Code 62A-4a-403

Reporting requirements

Utah Code 62A-4a-412

Reports and information confidential

Approved by Board of Education

1991, 1997

Revised: March 12. 2013


DCFS & Law Enforcement Reporting Form

3421 Form 1 Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Form

3421 Form 2 School Liability Release