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Last modified: December 4, 2023

Policy No. 3246 Use of Reasonable Force

The Provo City School District Board of Education expects that the district will maintain a safe learning environment for students. The board further expects mutual respect and consideration between staff members and students. All students in the district will remain free from the unreasonable use of force.

Physical force is reasonable only when needed to prevent or minimize imminent bodily injury or substantial or great bodily harm to self and/or others. If de-escalation interventions have failed or are inappropriate, reasonable force may be used to protect individuals and/or property. District staff may use reasonable force to maintain order or to prevent a student from harming him/ herself, other students, school staff, and/or property.

This policy is intended to address students enrolled within the district. It is not intended to prevent or limit the use of reasonable force or restraint necessary with other adults or youth from outside the school, as permissible by law.

All members of staff who may have to intervene physically with students must clearly understand the options and strategies open to them. This policy and procedure clarifies what is and is not acceptable in terms of events and strategies.

The policy is only applicable when an authorized person is on school premises, or has lawful control or charge of the student concerned during an out of school activity. Corporal punishment is in no way authorized through the following policy.

The superintendent is directed to develop procedures for this policy to include specific language to address staff training, the criteria for making judgment calls for when and when not to use reasonable force, examples of excessive force, mechanical restraints, chemical sprays, etc. The district will keep records of incidents regarding reasonable force and will provide a report to the Board when requested.

Legal References

Utah Code Ann. 53G-8-302

Prohibition of corporal punishment- Use of reasonable and necessary physical restraint

Approved by Board of Education

April 9, 2013


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