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Last modified: October 6, 2023

Policy No. 3216 Child Custody: Parent/Guardian Rights

The Board recognizes the importance of having parents or legal guardians involved in their child’s education. The Board also recognizes the importance of providing a safe and organized school environment.

The Superintendent is directed to develop procedures outlining the school responsibilities involving child custody issues and concerns regarding parent/guardian rights in connection with the school district.

Legal References & Synopsis

Utah Code 30-3-10.7

Parenting Plan

Utah Code 30-3-33(7)

Visitation (parent-time)

Utah Code 30-3-33(12)

Educational records (FERPA)

Utah Code 30-3-33(11)

Non-custodial parent rights

Approved by the Board of Education   

March 12, 2013


3216 P1 Child Custody:Parent/Guardian Rights