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Last modified: September 26, 2023

Policy No. 2200 Annual Budget Planning

A district’s annual budget is tangible evidence of the board’s commitment toward fulfilling the aims and objectives of the instructional program. The budget expresses in specific terms the services to be provided, consistent with immediate and long-range goals and resources available and establishes priorities within broad program areas such as basic education, other separately funded programs and support services. The budget shall set forth the complete financial plan of the district for the ensuing year.

The development of an annual budget will be most effective when it is aligned with established goals and a long-range set of priorities and assumptions as directed by the Board of Education. To accomplish the development of both an annual budget and a long-range plan, budget-related discussions and presentations will occur throughout the year in meetings with the board.

The following components will be discussed with the board:

  1. Closing the books on the previous year, including audit findings
  2. Status of the current budget year.
  3. Anticipated funding increases, decreases, and/or other impactful issues that may impact the next year’s budget picture.
  4. Review and updates of philosophical and operational assumptions held by the board regarding student achievement, employee compensation, taxation, capital projects, etc.
  5. Outlines of how the development of the new annual budget will be aligned with established district priorities.
  6. Formal presentation of the budget plan, including any mandatory budget hearings.

An assortment of specific policies and procedures outlining the financial operations of the district will be found in Policy Series 6000.

The Business Administrator will also periodically share with the Board of Education his/her work with the Budget Committee in formulating and guiding the budget creation process.

The superintendent is directed to work with the Board President, the Business Administrator, and other relevant staff to schedule and place budget topics on the board meeting agendas.

Approved by Board of Education

September 10, 2013