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Last modified: September 26, 2023

Policy No. 1920 Election Campaign Ethics for District Ballot Measures

Periodically, the Provo City School District Board of Education may seek ballot initiatives for public support. This policy represents a commitment by the Board that the district will follow the election laws established in the State of Utah. Further, the Board wishes to assure patrons that fair, appropriate, and responsible standards will be applied to such ballot initiatives and subsequent pre-election activities.

The Board recognizes the distinctions between the concepts of informing the public about the ballot initiative(s) and promoting the ballot initiative(s). During the pre-election activities, the District will actively inform the public – including the work/rationale that preceded the decision to consider the item as a ballot initiative – of matters regarding the prospect of seeking passage for an important matter during an upcoming election. This work of informing the public may include the reasonable use of district resources.

Actively promoting the ballot initiative by aggressively soliciting endorsements, campaign donations, and “yes” votes will be kept separate from almost all district resources. A Citizens’ Committee will lead the promotional activities of the ballot initiative. Donations and the activities of the campaign intended to solicit endorsements and “yes” votes will be under the purview of the Citizens’ Committee. In most cases, district resources (other than possibly using school/district venues for the committee meetings) will not be part of the promotion of the ballot initiative(s).

Employees of the district may, consistent with their individual rights, wear buttons and other representations of their individual political views during campaigns. They may not, however, engage in debates or persuasive discussions with students, staff, or parents. Any and all buttons and other such materials (clothing, signs, etc.) on school grounds must be in keeping with established professionalism standards for all employees.

This policy and procedure have been created so that the citizens and patrons of Provo City School District can have confidence in the motives and the desired transparency of the Board of Education in how campaigns for ballot initiatives will be conducted.

The Board directs the superintendent to develop procedures to guide the conduct and activities of assorted parties within the school district during campaigns regarding district ballot initiatives.

Approved by Board of Education:

April 15, 2014

Procedures and Forms: