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Every week, the third and fourth grade students of Sunset View Elementary file into their assigned seats behind a new set of 30 keyboards. Here in this recently created piano lab, students have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of piano playing. Those who may not have the chance to learn to play an instrument outside of school can practice with their classmates a couple of days each week.

Sharon Fletcher, the music teacher at Sunset View, couldn’t be more excited to have the space and the tools to instruct her students to play piano and learn valuable skills. Fletcher says that piano playing is more than just pounding on the keys; it’s learning how to work in unison and cooperate as a team in order to function as an ensemble.

In the first couple weeks of school, students have already learned the musical alphabet and are currently working on their first song, “Hot Cross Buns.” As they continue to master new pieces, the third and fourth graders will perform their work for the rest of the students at Sunset View. Doing so will fulfill part of the fine arts core standard.

Overall, by participating in piano lab, students will not only learn technical skills but also develop skills in teamwork and unity that will help them succeed in the future.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss

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