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In an effort to fund school field trips, Amelia Earhart students are raising money by participating in their annual Penny Wars. Unique from other fundraisers, Penny Wars sparks friendly competition among the students in a fun way.

Each class started the competition by decorating their own jug for collecting pennies. All of the jugs are kept in the office for close supervision. To earn points for their class, students can add pennies-worth one point-to their jug. Larger bills are worth even more when added to the jugs.

However, points can also be subtracted from other class totals by adding silver coins-nickels, dimes and quarters-to their jugs. At the end of each day, the coins are counted to see which class is in the lead. Students will continue to bring coins until the competition end on Friday, November 9th. On this day, the students of Amelia Earhart will wait eagerly to see if they reached their goal of $4.300.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss