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The Provo City School District was recently approached by an individual working with Orem City about the possibility of exploring a future school district partnership in some capacity, in the event that Orem City and its residents decide to break away from Alpine School District.

In an effort to be transparent, we are informing the public of this request. Although we are currently satisfied with our size and structure and do not foresee making any changes, Provo City School District and the Board of Education felt that it’s in the best interests of our public to at least explore these possibilities and help gather the information that is needed. It is our fiduciary responsibility to the residents and students of Provo City to ensure the best educational opportunities at the lowest cost.

Please know that this is completely exploratory at this point and in no way a commitment to move forward in that direction. As we go through this process, we will keep the public informed of our findings.

Alexander Glaves
  • Social Media/Marketing Specialist
  • Alexander Glaves