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The pictures and details for the article below come from Kayleen Nelson, a district BTS and Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist. Thank you for sharing, Kayleen.

The Allison Family, a family from the Navajo Tribe, delighted Amelia Earhart Elementary students with an educational and engaging assembly examining Navajo cultural traditions through dance, music, and storytelling. Students learned about the Basket and Jingle dances and its surrounding practices, the music and history of the wooden flute, songs sung to youth, the significance and meaning of the Hoop Dance, and students even danced on stage with performers during the traditional Round Dance. Students cheered the dancers on in awe, marveling at the intricate dance movements, and listened closely to the Allison families’ stories. One teacher remarked that it was her favorite assembly in the past six years. 

Thank you to Amelia Earhart’s PTA and the BYU Arts Partnership’s grant for funding this cultural presentation for Amelia Earhart Elementary. The Arts Education Program of the Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) maintains a teaching artist roster as a resource for schools and communities.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei