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All of the fourth graders at Provost Elementary gather in their music room for orchestra practice, a consistent part in their regular school day. Laurie Derricks, the music instructor, has helped to build the orchestra program into what it is today.

The program begins when the students enter the first grade. First and second graders receive violin practice once a week. Once they reach the fourth grade, they have 30 minutes of violin practice four days a week. In the fifth grade the students have the opportunity to experiment with other instruments as well, allowing for the students to alternate instruments within the school year.

The fourth graders begin class by tuning their violins, balancing their hold with a marble and identifying the seatbelt. The students are then taught different musical time signatures, as well as how to identify various notes.  After warming up, the students then jump right into the practice song, “Boil Them Cabbage Down”.

Provost has a unique music program that has had a tremendous positive impact on their students. The early familiarity with music translates into lifelong skills of personal, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Melissa Calvillo
  • Melissa Calvillo