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Every year, Franklin Elementary invites students, staff, and parents to bring their cultures into the school. This celebration of their community allows students to share the traditions, food, and games they grew up with and love so much. 

Our district is the home of a wide swath of people and backgrounds. Activities that celebrate who we are bring happiness and pride to our community. They also help shine a light on the diverse communities that our schools are home to. At Franklin, 71% of the students are from a minority community. Just under half—43 percent—are English language learners. And there are few better ways to experience these communities than by tasting them. 

In a neat line, each child in the school sampled a sweet and savory snack before washing it down with a cup of soda. From Marinela Sponch marshmallow cookies on a platter with a sign reading “Mexico” to a Filipino plate with packaged Sky Flake crackers, the tiny tastes each student enjoyed were followed by hula shopping, sack racing, and other activities in the gymnasium. Please enjoy the photos from the event and share them with someone who might appreciate the snacks you see. 

Alexander Glaves
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  • Alexander Glaves

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