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A group of 14 students at Timpview High School, recently qualified as semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship. Out of 50,000 students who apply, only those with the highest PSATs scores are selected as semifinalists. This year, Timpview High School has the largest group of students as semifinalists in the state!

These students, Ethan Bernards, Tyler Blake, Candace Brown, Sophia Choate, Benjamin Dahl, Michael Dew, Brian Dong, Emma Fox, Ian Goodwin, Carter Norton, Sadie Tayler, Spencer Thompson, Niels Turley and Jens Watts, will have the opportunity to progress to the finalist level for National Merit Scholarships. There will be 7,500 students nationwide to win Merit Scholarships in 2018.

The National Merit Scholarship Competition promotes the brightest students striving toward academic excellence. It encourages students to continue striving inside and outside the classroom so they can reach their goals and exceed their potential.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger