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We have working families in our city struggling to buy groceries each week and students that come to school in the light clothing they have, regardless of temperature lows. 

To deliver aid for our families, Provo worked with KUTV to participate in a district-wide food drive called the KUTV Eye on Your Money Food Drive.

School food pantries are a crucial safety net for school children and their families, and this food drive was one way that we wanted to help stock family pantries that need a little more this year.

Social Workers, Student and Family Advocates members, our district’s Student Services and Communications department employees, and Provo Foundation members worked together to gather a gamut of goods. From store-brand cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Cheerios to the Jiffy and Nutella spreads, from heavy jackets and coats to children’s shoes, the drive aimed to aid all students and families regardless of their needs.

District employees also stood shoulder to shoulder with Provo High and Timpview Student Government to collect goods. Students joined to promote their personal school’s drives. After their promotion, both student groups stayed longer than asked on their own volition, working together to carry and stack cans from cars after sundown.

At the close of the event, Social Workers selected the goods their pantries needed, divvying up goods tailored explicitly to their community’s needs. 

In the end, many hands came together to collect cans, bind and build boxes, and forward food and well-wishes to our friends and families this year.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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