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The Provo City School District is requesting bids for a two-year pavement maintenance program titled “2017 Pavement Rehabilitation Project” at various school sites located in Provo City, Utah. There will be both unit price bid items and lump sum bid items. Plans and specifications will be available at the Ensign Engineering & Land Surveying website beginning Monday May 22, at 1:00 PM. A pre-bid conference will not be held, but Mr. Kelly Chappell, from Ensign Engineering & Land Surveying can be contacted with any questions at or at (801) 255-0529.

Sealed bids are due on Thursday June 1, 2017 at 11:00am. Late bids may not be accepted at the District’s discretion. Sealed bids are to be delivered to Provo School District, Attn: Tina Fluehe 280 West 940 North Provo, UT. Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Bond equivalent to 5% of the total bid amount, and contractor qualifications as stated in the bid form. The bid must be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope “Provo School District – 2017 Pavement Rehabilitation Project”. The District reserves the right to waive any formalities and accept or reject any bid it deems in its best interest.

Invitation to Bid

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger