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Last modified: August 17, 2023

K-12 Computer Science

Students working on their ChromebooksProvo City School District participates in the Utah State Board of Education K-12 Computer Science grant program. The purpose of this program is to increase participation in computer science across all grade levels and student populations. At PCSD, we are working to do this through our STEM Inclusion Initiative in the elementary schools and increased access to computer science coursework at our secondary schools, as well as through after school opportunities at all levels.

We also encourage all schools and families across the district to participate in CSEdWeek and the Hour of Code in December of each year.

The Utah Computer Science Master Plan defines computer science as “the study of computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their [implementation], and their impact on society” and states that “Computer Science is a foundational skill and should be taught to all students born in the 21st century.” It also emphasizes that “Computer science is no longer a “nice to know” elective but rather a “need to know” core subject.”

The vision of the Master Plan is that “Each student in Utah secondary public schools will have access to robust and varied computer science courses. All students will enter secondary schools with exposure to computational thinking and competencies in digital literacy. This begins in our elementary schools with competencies in keyboarding, appropriate and responsible use of technology, and basic coding principles.”

In 2018-2019, the Utah State Board of Education passed computer science core standards for ALL students, whether or not they are taking a designated computer science class:

The coding lessons available on our STEM Inclusion Initiative curriculum website help students to develop these competencies in grades 4-6.

Coding Platforms

In PCSD, we use the following coding platforms:

Programmable Devices