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Last modified: October 25, 2019

Program Commitment and Evaluation

Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative

teacher with student on ChromebookEach participating teacher must recognize that this initiative is not about simply acquiring devices. This initiative is based on the best and most relevant research regarding teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment, all using technology as a facilitative tool. To be clear, this initiative is more about improved teaching through new and targeted professional development on best teacher practices than it is about devices. Teachers agreeing to participate in this initiative must sign a commitment statement, assuring their individual intent to implement new teaching methodologies, participate in this additional PLC, gather the necessary data to measure progress and impact, and implement the online curriculum resource as outlined.

As this initiative accesses resources of time and funding, data will be collected along the way to determine to what extent we have met our stated goal. Teachers and students will be called upon not just for the collection of quantitative data through tests, assignments, grades, etc., but also through qualitative measures such as surveys and preference inventories.