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Welcome to the first segment in our Safety and Security Campaign.

This month we’re looking at the “I Love U Guys” standard response protocols, offering insights on how school staff is continuously preparing for critical responses, and sharing information on how you and your students can better prepare for the unexpected.

What is “I Love U Guys?”

Reading from the I Love You Guys Foundation mission statement: 

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation was created to restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations, and government entities.

Provo City School District incorporates the “I Love U Guys” standard response protocols in our school safety and critical incident response plans. It’s a trusted brand for several of our country’s safest schools. Hundreds of agencies have evaluated it and recommended the SRP to thousands of schools across the US and Canada.

The “I Love U Guys” protocols aren’t a replacement for our school safety plans and programs; it is “simply a classroom response enhancement for critical incidents, designed to provide consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, staff, and first responders.” 

To sum up, critical incidents and emergencies crop up regularly, and utilizing a shared language and training response from the administration down to students puts everyone on the same page, increases efficiency in turbulent situations, and, most importantly, drastically mitigates risk and endangerment.

There are five protocols designed for five broad scenarios. Each scenario includes a verbal and physical sign and quick, specific actions for administration, staff, and students to accomplish. Check out the general protocol details here.

Where Do I Come In?

Each week we’ll interview someone from the district to share their “safety story” related to one of the protocols– for example, you’ll be hearing from yours truly about the unexpected fire on my first day of teaching– don’t worry, it didn’t happen in our district!

Expect each Wednesday to include a story from a teacher, student, or staff member remembering a crazy life event demonstrating why the five standards are essential to school safety.

Once we’ve covered all five protocols, we’ll cover the behind-the-scenes training in our schools and share a list of safety and security materials for emergency situations.

In the interim, please download and print the I Love You Guys Emergency Reference Checklist and Tips Checklist or browse the website for more information.

Thanks for checking in; stay tuned for more safety and security information, and stay safe.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei