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Hugh Clark, a student at Timpview High, became interested in film at a young age. Between Hugh’s mother, an actress, and father, the UVU Director of Theatre, theater craft has always surrounded Hugh. Clark represents the senior class by contributing as a 4-year accelerated Theatre student and AP French scholar. Though he always felt comfortable with the arts, he began immersing himself when he started Galaxy Entertainment.

From a young age, he and his cousin, Jesse Clark, started making fun short films every Friday using his mom’s iPad. The future of Galaxy Entertainment is in Hugh’s hands now while Jesse is serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Chile. Hugh has many goals for the company. He has plans for four new films. Hugh describes Galaxy’s movies as obscure. He states, “people question our movies because they are very visual and can feel nonsensical at times.”

Clark bases most Galaxy movies on dreams. For example his films, Bloodline and I Think I’m a Bad Person portray his unique style. Hugh has also introduced a new member of Galaxy Entertainment: his cousin, Everett Fairbourne. Everett is a senior at Timpview who acted in Galaxy’s The Roman Academy with Clark a few months prior. It has been the most popular film Jesse, Hugh, and Everett made. The future of Galaxy looks bright with Hugh and Everett. 

Hugh is open to many different opportunities after he graduates from Timpview, whether missionary work, University, or forgoing college entirely to continue pursuing his directing dream immediately. He says, “as much as other people inspire me, I want to be inspiring others as well. I hope people at Timpview are doing what they love. If you’re doing Soccer and want to pursue Pottery, quit Soccer and do Pottery. If you play Basketball and want to do Theater, quit Basketball and do Theater. Don’t compromise what you love for things you don’t love.”

This article was authored by Sanjay Moorthy, a Timpview Student interning in the PCSD Communications Department.

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