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One of the best ways our high school students prepare for college is through our internship program. The internship program provides high school students real-world experience in a career they are interested in. They have the opportunity to learn critical workplace skills and build their resume as they learn how to interview, set goals, problem solve and work in teams.

Megan Pearson, kindergarten intern and Senior at Timpview High School, says, “I would go back [to my internship] in a heartbeat.” Megan loves the kindergarten classroom and had the opportunity to intern for her own kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Davilyn Ferrin at Provost Elementary. “I chose the internship because I’m considering becoming a kindergarten teacher myself. I thought it would be good to get some experience and see if I’m a good fit for the job,” she explains.

Jan Jardine, the internship coordinator, explains that finding an internship is not difficult. Some students come with people in mind, like Megan, while others seek direction and contacts from Jardine.

The students go to their internships about twice a week for two hours. This program is specifically tailored to the students so it will fit in their school schedule during school hours and provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the work place.

“I learned that all children are different,” says Megan. “They all come from different backgrounds and you should treat every child as if they are your own. They all need the same amount of love and support no matter who they are.”

We are grateful for the internship program that helps our students create relationships in the workforce. If you are a Junior or Senior in high school, check out what internship opportunities are in store for you!

Shalee Hiskey
  • Shalee Hiskey